BeltStripes Custom Design Program

Here at BeltStripes, we specialize in working with school owners to develop custom stripes that support a wide variety of life skills, achievements, programs and lesson plans.  Our design team can work with you to create a series of custom stripes that are made just for your school. Add a logo and your own text!  Choose any combination of colors or ask us to include a dynamic background like camouflage, an American Flag, fire, water or a rainbow.  Get creative or just let our designers do the work for you.  The sky's the limit with our Custom BeltStripes! Remember... Acknowledging your students’ progress in their martial arts training is an important way to encourage them to achieve their goals.  For many martial arts instructors, implementing a successful Custom BeltStripes program has been an ideal way to recognize students and reinforce their accomplishments.



All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Complete the BeltStripes "Custom Design Request Form" (CLICK HERE)

2. Process payment for your 1 year membership after you complete the Custom Design Request Form.

3. Sit back and let our design team create one of kind custom BeltStripes for your academy!

What exactly do I get?

- Professional Design Services for Unlimited Custom Full Color BeltStripes Designs for 1 year

- Personalized Ordering Page on our website that allows you to easily view and order all of your custom stripes. (Your ordering page will still be available even after the 1 year time period expires!)

- Unlimited FREE revisions to any of your custom BeltStripes designs for a full year!

- Bulk Rate Savings starting on orders of 25 sheets or more.

- Special offers and discounts exclusively for BeltStripes Nation members.

How much does it cost?

- The cost to join our Custom Design Program is a one time fee of $149.  No hidden costs!  No extra charges!  

Click HERE if you are ready to fill out our "BeltStripes Custom Design Form".  



*Disclaimer for the BeltStripes Custom Design Program:

This service does not include logo design.  If you would like to include your logo on a custom BeltStripes design, you must provide us with a high-resolution (300 dpi+) logo file.  If you do not have a high resolution version of your logo, we can work with the artwork you have available, but cannot guarantee that your BeltStripes will print as expected.

Each purchase only applies to a single martial arts academy or program. Our BeltStripes Custom Design Program is non-transferable.

All BeltStripes Custom Designs are property of MASOS, Inc. dba BeltStripes and may be displayed on this website or used for advertising purposes without further notice.



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